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18 Jun

Sunday Slots with The Bandit – 88 Fortunes, Where’s The Gold and More

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Rating: 4.77, Duration: 1:5:35 , Author: The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel, Likes: 183, Dislikes: 9, source

CasinoOnline andrew phillips slot wins says:

Beautiful comeback m8, looking forward to the next one 🙂

CasinoOnline Bradley Holliday says:

Cracking recovery mate well done can't wait for the next

CasinoOnline James Cook says:

Rips half of the video due to software issues, almost breaks his neck when falling off his chair. You probably shouldn't leave the house today, mate.

Love your videos, missed you the last days. You are the best!

CasinoOnline Oliver Campbell says:

great recovery mate…do u know when my picks are due for gandalf?

CasinoOnline Nael Balous says:

hey bandit. good comeback. can you play bloodsucker on quick spin? cheers!

CasinoOnline andy4carla says:


CasinoOnline Brown Bread says:

great vid as always lad, what a roller coaster!

CasinoOnline MrShoesmad says:

them big bets just mug you off lol. when will you learn.

CasinoOnline Kora Louise says:

Recovery central!! For a brief second thought it was gonna sponge ya off again lol Awesome entertainment as per usual 🙂

CasinoOnline Coin Show says:

Get the fudge in there, awesome vid, and really enjoyed the green sun today!! lol

CasinoOnline Jason Kirkup says:

Nice mate ! Yes weather has been awesome last couple days like !

CasinoOnline Joe Peake says:

nice one bandit, cracked me up when you said you fell off your chair!

CasinoOnline nupskiman says:

great vid as always. nupskiman for the draw please Bandit.

CasinoOnline Mrdiscus Clearwater says:

nice one stevo .We need another Feb soon thou pal .just not the amazing comebacks lol .will it be juicy July hopefully mate but cheers for another great vid .started getting addicted to Bruce Lee for fucks sake 🤣

CasinoOnline WhoGivesAFucCk says:

Missed your videos, thought you were on a long vacation

CasinoOnline stonecold- 11 says:

haha great vid got there in the end really enjoyed that

CasinoOnline zoe poulter says:

what 3 turds disliked the video just don't watch if your that sad. Great vid again m8.

CasinoOnline Richard Lloyd says:

Class bandit love the time is money game don't give up on it nice to c u up nearly as much as me ha ha 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

CasinoOnline james cullen says:

Steve, nice video and great way to finish…………sounded like you needed a dark room and a ciggy at the end!!!!

good luck with mini bandits funding…… stuck a fiver in. hopefully loads will contribute and smash the £1k