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16 Jul


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Rating: 3.82, Duration: 19: , Author: jackhammerfilms, Likes: 279, Dislikes: 86, source

CasinoOnline chazza234 says:

Play Natural Powers or Transformers Battle of Cybertron..

CasinoOnline Aaron Dunn says:

is it me or is this guy retarded

CasinoOnline Galai Den says:

U look like jim carrey 🙂

CasinoOnline joe darby says:

What a dbag

CasinoOnline Anthony Bennion says:

You call lemmy weird……

CasinoOnline Olivia Bee says:

Well done 🙂 I didn’t know this kind of tips & tricks, and I’m glad I’ve found your channel. Could you recommend me some free slot from the website I use for playing & practicing?  Something that matches your suggestions, or simply something that you’d try 🙂 I’d really appreciate it.

CasinoOnline Ani 666 says:

i know these are old clips but get some dice next to you and just rolle ehm to pick a stone i have the same hate to choose and choose wrong i saw streamers ask there viewqers so i tought ill just role some dice same idea

CasinoOnline Oxycontin Gucci says:

Fucking SPASTIC autistic cunt kill yourself

CasinoOnline Paul Bryson says:

I'm from the US(NY specifically…so unfortunately no online gambling for me), but how is the payout system in Europe?? Like can you withdraw and deposit your money instantly? Or is it a pain in the ass like it used to be in the US with Poker sites?

CasinoOnline TheDannyCUFC says:

just be yourself mate….

CasinoOnline Vladislavs Sirins says:

what an idiot…

CasinoOnline Clubber Lang says:

You my friend are a CUNT

CasinoOnline Matt Pickles says:

What even are you?

CasinoOnline Ingy Sondors says:

This is good video!

CasinoOnline Александр Александров says:


CasinoOnline Bill Cosby says:

Can you play baccarat?? Its fun/easy/and youll win a ton of money!!!! I promise

CasinoOnline Serien4you andme says:

hey mate, any chance to contact you ?

CasinoOnline Carl says:

what a retard deffo something wrong with this kid

CasinoOnline Konsta Korhonen says:

Did you just call Lemmy " that weird guy" dude omg….

CasinoOnline Lazly Antony says:

When you win big in slots, you are not excited as those good old days while you did won just few dollars in roulette. I believe it is because you know you will have a hard time withdrawing these??