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16 Sep

RECORD WIN!! on Queen of Riches Slot – Β£5 Bet!!

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My biggest EVER win on any slot since i started streaming in February 2016 πŸ™‚

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Rating: 4.76, Duration: 4:52 , Author: NickSlots – Casino Streamer, Likes: 449, Dislikes: 23, source

CasinoOnline NickSlots - Casino Streamer says:

Be sure to watch my LIVE Casino Stream at and

CasinoOnline Star Tube says:

I was waiting for 1000x but u got 4000x broo.. Congrats πŸ™‚

CasinoOnline Stuart Farrell says:

Wowieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee well done fella!!!!!!!!bet u was buzzing!!!

CasinoOnline mz110669 says:

This made my year. Made up for you nick. Well done. Life changeing money for you and the familly. Make the most of ot honey spoil thwm all and treat yourself to something amazing. Arghhh. Best video.ever. so very happy for you cant stop smiling. X..x

CasinoOnline Garry Cox says:

That's unreal, you spoil the kids they are most important

CasinoOnline stoyan gazara says:

nice win nick

CasinoOnline Cay Hoot says:


CasinoOnline marie macardle says:

Well done nick I watch u all time great win well done xx

CasinoOnline mr 123bang says:

I would genuinely love this to happen to people would love the fact that you can beat these gambling sites, but fact of the matter is it's all lies not legit at all, how many people who are not streamers have these kind of wins or in fact wins on a regular basis, if you try to play like this day in day out you will be broke that's the truth

CasinoOnline mr 123bang says:

Deleting comments u sad little liar

CasinoOnline Pure Mustang says:

Wtf was that😎😎😎😎😎

CasinoOnline NickSlots - Casino Streamer says:

Thank you for all the amazing comments, i'm honestly still in shock from this win and after the stream ended i just sat and stared at the cashout screen thinking about what just happened. I will be donating Β£1900 of this win to this months Charity and the rest is for treating my little family to a holiday, work on our new house and spoiling my little daughter. Thank you for watching, love you all x

CasinoOnline Levi Roots says:

You lucky lucky bastard!!!!! Fair play…. I'm selling reggae reggae sauce, if you want to invest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

CasinoOnline Tfi Slots says:

Saw it live yesterday nick, still makes me smile. Think it a vid I will be watching over and over. Fuckin brilliant mate

CasinoOnline Tschabalala Slots says:

BIG COngrats!

CasinoOnline Dave Knight says:

Congrats nickslots amazing win and great cash out

CasinoOnline SuperSmask - Casino Streamer says:

What a hit Nick… What a hit!

CasinoOnline Hearndinger says:

Grats , made up for you

CasinoOnline Shaws Slots says:

Was the 420th like πŸ˜€ gg nick πŸ™‚

CasinoOnline Austacker says:

Sincere congrats Nick. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.