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23 Aug

Asus B250 Mining Expert Motherboard With 19 PCI-E Slots for GPU Mining

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Today i show you that Asus anounces the B250 Mining Expert Motherboard with 19 PCI-E Slots for GPU Mining, its the gold rush time of Crypto Currency mining and big companies like Asus try to get a share of it and help us out getting crazy boards like this!

Posts from Hothardware and Anandtech:

12-13 GPU Boards:
ASRock H110 Pro BTC+

Biostar Motherboard TB250-BTC PRO

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Paul De'Ath says:

I think if you've got enough cash to lay out on 19 gpus then you can afford to split the cards onto 3 motherboards, after all a 6 gpu motherboard + cpu + ram + ssd would probably come in at around the cost of one gpu. asus are doing it because they can I guess.

Amizing video amizing jop

K. Soze says:

What is the pci-e card with the 13 usb riser ports called…? Do you have a source…? I have only found similar with 8 usb per card

Robert Hurst says:

This would cause me so much anxiety. I'd rather not ever worry about 19 gpu's going down simultaneously lol

demingdsw says:


For those who mine in Windows environment.

Simple batch file controls GPU load and if even one GPU fails it reboot PC.

To accommodate bat for your GPU count (up to 8) edit GPU count raw accordingly.

ScoobyJD says:

Why didn't they just make it 21 1x slots….and of course we need audio on a mining motherboard…..

It all depends on your budget. People who can run 19 GPU's in the 1st place will not really worry about the cost of an extra (or 2) power supplies, i mean most 6 GPU rigs run 1 or 2 psu's anyway, especially with the high priced >1200W psu's these days.

So i guess there is a market for it as it will save on cpu's, cpu coolers and memory for huge mining farms, those savings will pay for a good psu.

I got a lot of problems, but here is 19 of them i wont have 🙂 I'll keep my 5-9 gpu rigs, its enough to handle

Jexkin says:

I mean… more GPU's = better high quality porn. Or not?