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19 Jun

£400 vs. Slots with Craig

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Rating: 4.00, Duration: 33:45 , Author: Craig’s Slot Sessions, Likes: 28, Dislikes: 7, source

CasinoOnline Craig's Slot Sessions says:

*£500 COMPETITION* Join Below:

CasinoCruise: (100% Bonus)
Spinit: (100% Bonus)
Slotsmagic: (100% Bonus)

CasinoOnline Richard Lloyd says:

Fucking Budweiser bastard smackheads nice to c u back mate bet the bikes was class thow 👍🏼

CasinoOnline Lambda Gordon says:

Mate that blackjack is unbelievably rigged , stay away from that

CasinoOnline IcedGemsz says:

good shit mate

CasinoOnline Thomas Roedgaard says:

Hope you had a smashing holiday at least.

CasinoOnline Mike Skinny says:

He's back! Shame about the bust mate, I'm looking forward to your impending dead or alive wildline!!

CasinoOnline Quick Spin says:

great vid actually mate but I'd lay off the blackjack 😉 can you play some captain venture and garden of riches please. ( picks for secret of the stones 7,8,17)

CasinoOnline Seaside Button says:

hi mate what part of Essex you from you look familiar lol

CasinoOnline Hammerdammer2 Hammerdammer2 says:

He is finaly back. If you don´t win massive on the video, i come too youre home and eat all youre icecream!!!!

CasinoOnline Paul Osc says:

I started seeing other men in your absence. There was some guy called Jimbo, one called Rolla, there was others to. I'm sorry but a man has needs 🙁

CasinoOnline TheNorwegianNerd says:

da fq.. you survived france AND spain?

CasinoOnline James Dorrian says:

Welcome back Craig, Local smack heads stealing all the dark fruit atrongbow pmsl, Budwiser=Headache next day lmao

CasinoOnline Tfi Slots says:

That fucking sucked ass, not much of a welcome home present was it!!! Gutted mate

CasinoOnline james andrew says:

yes mate , hope you had a good holiday , now get the vids rolling again 👍

CasinoOnline sam blackburn says:

Welcome back mate, keep the vids coming

CasinoOnline Milo Rosemondo says:

welcome back mate! nice video just what I needed after a 12 hour shift working in the same room @ 39 degree celsius! keep em coming! I think you should do a stream with Paul and the bandit for charity…. all winnings go to the the croudfund for the family's of grenfell tower
.. just an idea mate look how much Paul raised last time! if I had the audience and following that slot youtubers have I would do it myself!

CasinoOnline Wayne Tudor says:

welcome back

CasinoOnline Ross Blake says:

welcome back craig how was your holiday fella

CasinoOnline JimboCasino - Online Slot Bonus Channel says:

welcome back sir 😆

CasinoOnline rudy horvat says:

hey welcome back mate hope u had good holiday