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13 Aug

£3600 Starting balance! Saturday Night Slots

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★★★★★ Claim up to £150 + 50 free spins at Rizk


Taking part in the prize draw is free, and no deposit is necessary. The next draw date is the last week in August (there was no draw in July due to the live stream being set-up).
Sign-up to Rizk Casino using my link:
Sign-up to Casumo using my link:

If you have signed up using my links before, you may still enter, but please don’t make multiple accounts at the same casino, these will void your entry.

To enter Augusts prize draw simply collect coins (Arcade Tokens) during the live streams. You will receive 4 coins for every 11 minutes of live viewing time. You can gamble your coins to try and win more, or you can give them away or be rewarded them by other viewers.
The top 30 people with the most coins near the end of August will be entered into a draw where one of you will win a spin on the Jackpot Wheel during a live stream. The Jackpot Wheel will award 1 of 7 prizes, ranging from cash to tech.


Entries that don’t meet the requirements will be disqualified. Please also follow the YouTube community guidelines (

YouTube is not a sponsor of this promotion.

1) Sign-up to Rizk, Casumo or both using the following links:

2) Sign-up only once to each casino to be eligible to enter each months draw.

3) If you have been banned from this channel for being a Troll, your entry will be disqualified.

4) The cash prize will be paid directly to the winner, usually via PayPal.

5) The free spins will be sent as a series of codes to be entered at Rizk Casino. The free spins are wager-free, so any winnings may be withdrawn straight away if you wish.


Hello and welcome to my channel. Please feel free to use commands during the chat, simply type ! followed by the command for it to work. A full list of commands is listed below. There are also coins used in the chat room, these are Arcade Tokens which are accumulated as you watch the stream, other viewers may also gift them to you. The Arcade Tokens can be used in mini games and for prize giveaways. To see your coin balance use the command !at

Let Stick Man give you a shout out.

Shows the amount of coins you currently have, plus your viewing time.

!gamble 5
Gamble some of your coins with a 50/50 chance of winning. Replace ‘5’ with the amount you want to bet, for example !gamble 7

See what I started the stream with.

Learn what the coins (Arcade Tokens) do


Hi mods, thank you for looking after my chat and keeping it a friendly place for everyone. As well as the above commands, here are the moderator command functions you can use.

This command has two variables: !reward channelid amount and !reward amount
You may reward individual users with coins, or the entire chat room.

!top 5
This will display a list of viewers with the most coins.

!tophour 5
Similar to above, this will show the viewers with the longest watch time.

If the 50/50 gambling is spamming up the chat, use this command to disable it. You can re-enable it by using !enablegambling or leave it permanently off if you prefer.

!filter badword
Replace ‘badword’ with a word you think should be banned. Use sparingly as the entire messages with that word will be deleted.

!removefilter badword
If you want to remove the bad word from the blacklist, use this command.

!addcommand command;returnedtext;timeout
Replace “command” with your desired command. Replace “returnedtext” with the text that this command should return (you can also include custom command variables). Replace “timeout” with a command cool down in minutes e.g. two minutes means this command can only be used once every two minutes. Enter 0 if you don’t want any cool down. For example: !addcommand !love;Make love not war!;0

Replace with the command you want to remove, for example !removecommand !love

Multistreaming with

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Jerry Pinel says:

nice session mate. .is your first name al. .thank you from new Bedford mass..USA

could you do a big super monopoly money dig and see what you get on the big wheel please good luck on your next stream mate